Instructions for Authors

Abstract submission

Registration is mandatory to submit an Abstract. Each participant can present two oral presentations and/or one poster.

DEADLINE for abstract submission is 04 June 2022

Abstracts will only be accepted electronically and should be submitted online only through the Easy Chair conference management system (Click here)

Authors should indicate their preference for:
Oral presentation
Poster presentation

Abstracts must be submitted in English and have to be formatted as follows (see the Abstract Template below):

Title of abstract: Arial font, bold, font size 14, centered paragraph

Author, A.A., Second-Author, B.B., Third, C.C. and So-on, D.D. Arial font, font size 14 (lead presenter)

Keywords: abstract must contain up to four keywords: Arial font, bold, size font 12

Main text: Arial font, size font 12. Type or paste your text into the abstract template provided below, but remember to keep the page margins the same as is set here which is 2.5 cm all round. Paragraphs are justified (straight-edged) on both left and right.

Use double-line spacing. If you would like to insert a figure you can do so. Use the insert picture command and paste special as an enhanced metafile for ease of handling; remember to include a figure caption.

The limit for your abstract is 300 words


Please remember:

Include all authors details including email address

Define all abbreviations

Abstracts must not contain copyrighted material

Abstracts must be uploaded in .pdf or .docx format.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Abstract selection notifications will be sent out to the corresponding authors, together with guidelines for presentation, within June 15, 2022. For abstracts not selected for oral presentation by the scientific committee, authors may be invited to prepare a poster.

If you have any questions, please contact the Congress Secretariat

Oral Presentations

Speakers will be allocated a total of 10-15 minutes for their oral presentations. The precise time-duration of presentations will be established later, based on the number of accepted oral communications. It is anyway suggested to save 5 minutes to allow for questions/discussion.
The Congress language is English. Text in slides accompanying presentations must be in English.
All presentations will be displayed via the University computers (Windows PC, PowerPoint file format). Speakers will not be allowed to use their own laptop.
It is recommended to test presentation files during the meeting in order to assess their compatibility with the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn PCs. Please, ask staff on site.
Files ready for presentation should be handed to the organizers well in advance:
for AM presentations, organizers should receive files at the beginning of the PM sessions of the previous day for PM presentations, organizers should receive files at the beginning of the AM sessions of the same day

If you have any questions, please contact the Congress Secretariat

Poster Presentations

There will be one poster session, on August 29 late afternoon, but posters will be displayed and will remain accessible during the whole Conference.
To submit a poster to the 32nd ESCPB Conference see the section “abstract submission”.
Posters will be placed on 100 cm wide by 200 cm high boards, so a preferred poster size is portrait A0 (841 mm wide x 1189 mm high)
Please keep in mind the usual recommendations for posters (do not overload with text, use sufficiently large character and symbol size, etc.).
Upon arrival please ask at the registration desk for the board number assigned to your poster and its location.
Materials for attaching posters to boards will be available at registration desk. Detailed information about Poster sessions will be available in the Program.

If you have any questions, please contact the Congress Secretariat